Terms & Conditions



  1. For all returns, a GRA (Goods Return Authorisation) form shall be completed and faxed to Firstflex Cables. Blank copies of this form may be obtained from Firstflex Cables.
  2. Firstflex Cables shall return the GRA form to you within two working days, by fax.
    This shall indicate:
    » Acceptance when issued with a GRA number and duly signed by the Sales Manager.
    » Refusal when marked DECLINED through the body of the form and duly signed by the Sales Manager.
  3. A copy of the authorized GRA form must accompany the goods being returned. Any goods arriving without proper documentation may be turned away at the originator's expense.
  4. Freight costs incurred are the responsibility of the originator - unless FirstFlex Cables is responsible for the reason for the return.
  5. The GRA is an authorisation for return and not an agreement to credit. All returns are subject to inspection.
  6. All credits will be to a specific account; ie, no cash reimbursements.


  1. All products returned must be in good order and condition; acceptance is subject to inspection.
  2. Firstfex Cables will accept for return without reservation the following:
    » Any product supplied incorrectly
    » Any product not to its given standard due to design error, faulty manufacture, damage in transit or where Firstflex Cables is at fault or otherwise responsible.
  3. No goods will be accepted for return without prior consultation and acceptance.
  4. All claims to be made within 30 days of original dispatch or as otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. Firstflex Cables reserves the right to apply a restocking fee for goods returned based on the value of the goods returned plus G.S.T. and/or freight costs.
  6. Products/Lengths that will not be accepted for return are:
    » Specific manufactured to order or purchased to order (specially procured or indented) product;
    » Lengths cut to customer's order - less than minimum as determined by the Sales Manager.


Small and/or urgent orders may incur a freight charge depending on value, weight and destination.
Please check with our sales department at time of order or enquiry for any applicable charges.


  • Firstflex Cables has taken every precaution to ensure accurate information in our price list but accept no liabilty for any errors or omissions.
  • Under no circumstances does this constitute an assurance of any particular quality or performance. Such an assurance is only provided in any explicit contractual arrangements.
  • Responsibility of suitability for application rests solely with the installer. All illustrations are indicative only.
  • All information subject to change without notice. All products supplied as per our standard conditions of sale.
  • These prices set out or referred to herein are recommended prices only and there is no obligation to comply with the recommendations.