Finely stranded flexible conductors (Class 5 or greater) often have larger diameters compared to a nominal stranded fixed wiring conductor (Class 2 and below). This is because the fine strands of the flexible conductor tend to splay out after stripping.

To compensate for the increased diameter with the flexible conductors Firstflex Cables have developed a bell mouth crimp lug (CLWM Series). This lug has a wide mouth entrance which makes it easy to insert the conductor into the crimp lug.

When a bell mouth crimp lug is used in conjunction with a flexible conductor it is recommended to use the same size crimp lug as per the conductor. I.e. use CLWM120 (120mm²) crimp lug with 120mm² flexible cable. For Crimping 6mm² to 120mm² lugs you can use either a anual tool or 13 tonne hydraulic crimp tool. For 150mm² flexible conductors and above use a 23 tonne hydraulic tool.

When using standard barrel crimp lugs there are various methods advised for crimping determined by the crimp lug manufacturer.

For further information on crimping techniques when using standard barrel crimp lugs please contact your cable lug manufacturer.

Firstflex has taken every precaution to ensure accurate information in this catalogue but accept no liability for any errors or omissions. Firstflex reserves the right to modify specifications at any time.